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Saving Lives, Curing Cancer

How do you thank an institution for saving your life? Not an easy debt to repay. UNC along with the Duke Cancer Institute have “cured” my chronic leukemia well enough to be writing these thoughts about UNC’s many heroes.


I recently joined UNC’s Patient Advisory Board. I’m glad I was asked to serve and be involved in something, patient advisory, that is exploding thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Going to UNC to discuss Cure Cancer Starter, our crowdfuding cancer research platform featuring UNC research due to launch in October, helped bring UNC and the Lineberger Cancer Center into focus.

UNC’s spirit is an American, “Roll up our sleeves and let’s get it done.” sensibility. There is a real North Carolina feeling too. People come from all over to live and receive treatment here in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and so many transplants could remove any sense of state unity.

Not so much.

UNC Lineberger is part of the University of North Carolina. There is a real “tar heel” feel even at the cancer center. This feeling is hard to explain so I’ve copied a link to a video from UNC’s YouTube channel featuring basketball star Jessica Breland for better explanation. Jessica’s picture is below.

Once the chemo fades and as I interact with UNC Lineberger more I’ve discovered a feeling I can describe as, “Great people doing exceptional things”. UNC is a teaching, research and treating hospital. I applaud this combination since each idea must be helped by the others. It would be easy to be overwhelmed with any one of those three major jobs.

Not so much.

UNC’s spirit is entrepreneurial, their passion easy to see, feel and interact with. Energy, confidence and optimism is so important in the treatment of cancer. We cancer survivors must feed off of the energy of our caregivers since energy will be in short supply on many days.

Once we feel better it is our obligation to give back, say THANK YOU and appreciate the spirit, mission and purpose we’ve just encountered. UNC saved my life. Today, without hesitation or even a pause for recognition, they are saving more lives.

THANK YOU would seem to fall a tad short for what is owed, but THANK YOU UNC. Thank you for my life, the ability to continue to dream and for your passion, skill and grace in cancer treatment, research and for teaching another generation of doctors how to be great.

UNC Lineberger Cancer Center is our Cure Cancer Hero of the Week.

Note: Watch Cancer Survivor and UNC basketball star Jessica Breland’s inspirational video to understand the distinct “North Carolina” spirit discussed above.

Jessica Breland UNC Cancer Survivor

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