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Cancer Hero Researcher - Dr. Hank van Deventer
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Cancer Hero / Dad: Mark Traphagen
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Brothers & Sisters

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - UNC Basketball Star Jessica Breland.
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Supporters & Partners and Small Rivers
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Magical Stories Cure Cancer


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Having cancer requires “magical thinking”. You’ve heard the much feared message, but life doesn’t STOP upon hearing “cancer” and your name dancing together for the first time.

No, life with cancer goes into a strange hyper-drive.

Memories flood in. You see graduations, weddings and children being born something akin to the cliche, “Your life flashing before your eyes before you die”. Only you aren’t dead. Without knowing you’ve accepted a featured role in the Kabuki theater that is “life after cancer”.

My first reaction was my life was just kidnapped.

“I thought there would be more time,” was one thought. “Life as I’ve known it is over,” was another. Of these two thoughts the second was helpful and is correct to my now eight year “cancer survivor” journey. How did I survive this long?


Magical people, people I don’t know, from BioGen created Rituxan and Dr. Hank van Deventer, my UNC Lineberger Oncologist, was smart enough to know how to use it. Other researchers are working hard to fix my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) by fixing the malfunctioning gene that my father and I share.

Magical friends stepped up to help do everything from ride a bicycle across America (Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer), developing, Story of Cancer Foundation (our 501c3 non-profit) and

I hoped somewhere during the 3,300 miles of Martin’s Ride an epiphany would make it clear what to do with the rest of my life.  I assumed this epiphany would happen in God’s sculpture garden (Utah), but no lightning bolts or burning bushes before we reached the Santa Monica Pier.

Becoming A Cancer-preneur

On return and after six months of chemo my e-commerce friend Eric said we should start a store and give the profits to cancer research, Dr. van Deventer serendipitously shared a story about a research grant being turned down and I wanted a way to give back to family, friends, doctors, nurses and supporters whose magic and stories are why I’m here eight years and three chemotherapy treatments after hearing “cancer” and my name.

I decided to put my money, time and energy into becoming a cancer-prenur.

Cancer-preneurs are social marketers using skills learned in for-profit careers to help cure cancer. We aren’t scientists, doctors or researchers, but we donate what we’ve learned and earned to fight the biggest dragon of our careers – The Big C.

My ASK is for you to share your cancer journey. Please alert us to the many heroes any cancer patient depends on, receives support from and loves. My SHARE is anything and everything I have.

How do we cure cancer in our lifetime? Through the magic of stories <smile>.


Martin W. Smith
Founder Story of Cancer Foundation (501c3 nonprofit)
Founder Cure Cancer Starter
Founder Cure Cancer Store

Email: Martin(at) or Martin(at)